Eliminating Nature Deficit Disorder! 🙂

Last year we started getting requests from schools for Hoks so the kids could go skishoeing around their school grounds (yes, some people are lucky enough to live where they can do that from school). Here is the first images we got back from a school in the Kenai region in AK as Well as Southport, ME.  The Kenai – like most of the west coast – had a low snow year last year but they were able to still get out a bit. This year will be better. Maine, on the other hand, had a huge snow year so their timing was great. Skishoeing and the Hoks should be great for the schools. They are easy to use and with the universal binding no extra boots are required. Kids need exercise and the outdoors!

We will update this post as we get more pictures and comments in on this program.


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  1. Teaching outdoor sport in a hightschool using ski hok. Studen love it . Good way to introduce telemark turn and to play outside.

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