Saturday, February 15th On Boulder Deer Creek Pass near Curlew, NE WA.

We have recently had to cancel the Sitzmark Ski Festival do to lack of snow. We had been talking to the Forest Service about doing a Backcountry Ski Day/Festival on Boulder Pass prior to this and we now have the date set. 

The 15th is the Saturday of Presidents Day weekend so anyone coming from out of the area should check out the area for other skiing opportunities.

Where is Boulder Pass you say? If you come to Curlew you will be about 15 minutes drive from the pass. The pass is the 2nd highest all season pass in the state (Sherman just to the south is the highest)at 4600 ft. Temperatures stay cool as does the snow. This years warm weather and higher snow levels have not had too much effect on the pass do to its elevation, Currently there is 24-36″ of snow with a good settled base. Close to average for this time of year. There is a SNOTEL at the pass as well – Sentinel Butte

Boulder Pass had a very intense fire come through in 2015, burning especially hot around the pass area. Most all of the trees were killed in the ski trail areas. As sad as this was it has made for incredible skiing, with most of the small wood and slash consumed in the fire. This has created a landscape where one can ski pretty much anywhere, particularly after a snow base has formed. 

– The terrain at the pass offers everything from flat roads and groomed trails to fairly steep and adventurous backcountry lines. The verticals around the pass are not too big – 300-500 vertical feet mostly – ideal for the no transition up and down ability of the Hoks. There is no avalanche hazard in the Boulder Pass area as well. It would be hard to design a more ideal area for all levels of Hok skiing.

Boulder Pass is a rustic site with no indoor amenities. There are two outhouses and we will have some pop up tents for boots and equipment. There will be a large campfire as well.

Boulder Pass is a Washington State Snowpark so requires a snowpark permit. For those who do not have one we will have some available to purchase at the pass. 

We encourage folks to bring food as we will have potluck style eating. Some hot drinks will also be available.

Camping on site is permitted, expect winter camping conditions.

We will develop more information on amenities in the area in the next few days and add it to this post.

Places to stay in the region

Travel routes to get here

Other places to check out for skiing (Sherman Pass ). 😉

And More!

Map of the Highlands and Skier points of interest.
Skiing through the burn
Boulder Pass area
Making a fresh trail on Boulder
Down through the burn
Liam picking his way
Sunset form Boulder pass
January 2020 touring on Boulder 
Heading south on the crest trail

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  1. I was out on Koms today here in the Eastern U.S. where we are in frozen crud, but softens beautifully in strengthening sun and warmer days! Today a little cool for that except the sunniest areas. But the Koms held an edge even on the frozen solid crust!

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