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Ready to GO! 
Redoubt -Soldatna AK

December 15, 2015/

Eliminating Nature Deficit Disorder! 🙂 Last year we started getting requests from schools for Hoks so the kids could go skishoeing around their school grounds (yes, some people are lucky enough to live where they can do that from school).

100 Days of Hoks Skiing

October 13, 2015/

100 Days of Hok Skiing by Sharon Coyle   It was an almost impossible objective, even in a town north of the 50th parallel where the snow lasts until May: 100 Days of Hok skiing in one winter season. What the heck, if I didn’t make it to one hundred, at least I would keep […]

Tracking cougars in Yellowstone

October 1, 2015/

The National Park Service’s Yellowstone Cougar Project embraced the Hok skis for their winter field work studying Yellowstone’s most elusive large carnivore. Biologists have been conducting intensive snow-tracking surveys in Yellowstone’s rugged winter terrain to detect cougar tracks and follow them through common travel routes to bed sites, scent marking sites, and prey remains.

Great Video from Ontario!

September 15, 2015/

Andrew Morrisey and his friends really captured the backyard backcountry aspect of skishoes. They are having lots of fun close to home. A big thanks to these guys as this is a lot of time involved in making a video like this.

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